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Re: The Vector Dilema

From: Tony Francis <tony@g...>
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 18:34:01 +0000
Subject: Re: The Vector Dilema

Sean Bayan Schoonmaker wrote:

> I've got a problem with the vector movement system, which was somewhat
> addressed in the B5 Wireframe system: both a thrust 2 SDN and a thrust
> corvette can bring their guns to bear with an equal chance of success.
> Granted that the corvette can do a bit extra in the maneuver
> but estimation of enemy position can take precedence over good

Seconded, at least in principle (see below for comments on the exact

In our first games with the vector movement system we misunderstood the
and limited ships to the same number of rotation points as their thrust.
seemed to work fine to us, and it wasn't until much later that we
realised our

> I think that this is why many still favor the cinematic movement
> So I propose this potential solution:
> It takes alot more umph to push a SDN than it does a CT, so limit the
> number of facings that a ship can rotate with each thrust point.
> Mass 0-4: Unlimited
> Mass 5-16: 6 per point
> Mass 17-64: 3 per point
> Mass 65-256: 2 per point
> Mass 257+: 1 per point

Six rotation points are needed for a 180 degree turn, which is the most
should ever need at one go. So, if I understand the above table
correctly, a
mass 65-256 ship (a range which covers most capital ships) could do a
degree rotation if it has thrust 2. This isn't actually much of a
IMHO. I would be inclined to be even more drastic and go with our
'misunderstood' system above of one rotation per thrust point. It
shouldn't be
necessary to bring the ship's mass into it (after all, the ship's mass
already been taken account of when buying the manouevre engines).


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