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Re: A sad(?) announcement

From: paul@l...
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 98 16:55:11 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: A sad(?) announcement

Although I am not able to takeover the list I know somebody who has
their own unix server and does run lists off it who may be able to help
out, email me if you want his address.



> This morning I handed in my notice at BI. I'm off to a new job at the
> beginning of December.
> There's very little chance I will be able to administer the list from
> new work. So I'm asking for a volunteer to take over the
> Once you get organised - basically all you need to do is learn how to
> filter the mail effectively - it only takes 10-20 minutes per day to
do the
> job. *BUT* it does generate a certain amount of email per day, so if
> pay for your email in any way, it's not really for you. If anyone is
> willing to have a go at the job, can they get in touch with me
> Note: For those that are on it it also means the 'other' list will
cease to
> exist. Can someone suggest an alternative arrangement?
>			TTFN
>				Jon
> "Information doesn't want to be free, it wants to be liberated and
> Jonathan White, Psychology Section, Bolton Institute
> BWFC fans list site :

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