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RE: [SG] Orbats (was Full Thrust : Electronic Warfare)

From: Adrian Johnson <ajohnson@i...>
Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 13:47:51 -0500
Subject: RE: [SG] Orbats (was Full Thrust : Electronic Warfare)

>If that bothers you, try my house rule: 
>No unit may be re-activated (after its own action, or before... but 
>basically by a command from someone else) more than ONCE per game 
>turn. So this limts that somewhat and stops any one unit from 
>outpacing everyone else.
>("Sir, why is three section 700 meters ahead 
>of the platoon, and how did they kill 4 tanks and three enemy squads 
>in the last five minutes?..... Well, Private, it's cause I told them 
>repeatedly to attack. It made them run faster and shoot 
>more...really...I'm not, I am not mentally 
>incompetent... ")

We play with this rule as a standard in our group too.	No unit may be
re-activated more than once per game turn.  Even with the rule, I've
seen some of the "NAC Olympic Tag Team Sprinting" happening - one game I
can remember had the person playing that squad (first time playing SG2,
course) rolling like three or four 11's and 12's in a row for combat
movement, and the squad ended up at the other end of the table in a
blocking position, and did the only real damage - and it was a recruit
(green) squad, too...  It's a good rule, though!!

What I was thinking about was more along these lines:  Somebody setting
a "company" with a company HQ, two platoon HQ's, each commanding two,
three infantry squads, and attached elements including maybe a tank,
of power armour, and maybe a jeep or two - so everything can get
reactivated.  You have a reinforced platoon size force, but get all the
advantages of company level command.  I've seen this kind of thing once
twice - unless you have special scenarios developed that call for a
situation like this, what you really have is somebody playing a platoon
level engagement and cheesing out on the rules to take advantage of
reactivation.  Limiting them to one reactivation per unit per game turn
helps, but you can still reactivate nearly everything in the force...

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