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Re: Full Thrust : Electronic Warfare & Boarding Parties

From: "Jared E Noble" <JNOBLE2@m...>
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 10:17:39 -1000
Subject: Re: Full Thrust : Electronic Warfare & Boarding Parties

Coincidentally, I have thrown a few cards together over the last several
days.  They are 4"x6", but It is amazing how few it takes to describe
I started this in frustration of chasing rules among 3 rulebooks and the
FTFB errata sheet.  Basically what I have is this:

1) Quick reference play sheet  -
Complete, annotated turn sequence / weapons summary (including Fighters,
Missiles, PDS and options like PDS vs. Ships, C-beams vs.

2) Complete fighter rules summary.
(movement/endurance/morale/Pilot quiality/screening/missile
interception/attacking ships/dogfighting/carrier ops& scrambling and
advanced fighter abilities)

3-4) Summary of Rules for Playing with ships.

So far they do not include Terrain details, sensors, mines (never been
happy with them), Genre-specific weapons, Ground-combat integration,
Kra'vak or Sa'Vasku, Boarding actions, fleet rules, Vector Movement, or
Design Rules (that's what my spreadsheet is for.)

Essentially, they are the basic rules to sit down with someone, say
these 2 cards, take a fleet of ships I have made, and let's play'.  Then
could sit down and play with all basic FB rules.  I still have room to
include sensor rules, and probably boarding actions.  At some point I
probably customize them with house rules, but not yet.	It's amazing how
well the FT rules distill down.

Anyway, let me say this, for Jon's benefit if nothing else.  Card #1
be considered OK, but under no circumstances will I distribute cards
as having them is treading close to the point of not needing the
to play - which is a definate no-go.  If I do let someone read the rules
from a card so we can play a quick game, but you can be sure that I
be sending people home with them.  On the flip side, the cards are not
useful without ship designs to fight with, and don't tell you how to
them.  I guess the idea is a little like the FT-lite discussed

On a tangent, has there been any change to boarding actions in relation
FTFB?  Old rules were essentially Damage Points/4 Boarding Factors.  I
would imagine that the new rules should tie boarding Factor to crew
Is there a recommendation for what level of Boarding Factors I should
Right now DCP is the same as crew units - would it be reasonable to
the same level? though from the DCP desctiption that would place half
crew on DCP/BP work.  Has anyone else worked this?

Jared Noble

laserlight <> on 11/04/98 02:01:25 PM

Please respond to

cc:    (bcc: Jared E Noble/AAI/ARCO)
Subject:  Re: Full Thrust : Electronic Warfare

> >> too late! doesn't MT use FMA rules somewhere?
> >
> >No. Nor does the FB. MT uses basic, enhanced and superior sensors,
> >there's no FMA mechanics (opposed die rolls, die type shifts etc)
> >involved - just D6.rolls with or without modifiers.

Jon-GZG warbled:
> I've stated on this list before, that FT will NOT be moving to the FMA
> system, in FT 3rd edition or any other subsequent version. FT will
> strictly d6 based system.
> There is always the possibility that we MAY do an FMA-system-based
> and/or starfighter game at sometime in the future, but it would be a
> completely new game - NOT any version of FT.

Good.  I play FT because it's quick and easy.  I don't play DS2, because
(Steve Jackson's "GEV", with some extra units, is about the level I'm
looking for, although I may have to do some rules bashing to get the

I do want a sensor system, as I feel that that's likely to be one of the
most important parts of space combat.  I also want it to be something I
put on a 3x5 card and not have to refer back to the rulebook to figure

(Chorus: "so what's *your* bright idea?"--okay, I'm working on it. 
serial numbers off takes a while).

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