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Re: [FT] SOF Insertion

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 16:32:32 -0500
Subject: Re: [FT] SOF Insertion

Los spake thusly upon matters weighty: 

> Thomas Barclay wrote:
> Keep inmind I was talking about an insertion against a high Tech level
> adversary. Anything less than that is gravy. Our planet has lots of
> things hitting it. But what about others?

Well, I assume any planet within the GZG universe suffers similar 
impacts (as other bodies in our system do). It could be (I'm sure) 
better or worse to a degree. 

> > Sure, that coudl be done, but isn't as good. Then he knows to be
> > (in general).
> >
> If you are at war with the enemy, then he is already wary (In

Sure, but more time (I think) is spent at peace. Then you do deniable 
clean ops. 

> The overwhelmingly vast majority of SOF insertions in wartime fall
> the latter method of insertion. There are major EW assets as well as
> fire support and SAR waiting in the wings in either direct support or
> just in case stuff. Think about it. If you can blank a slice of the
> western hemisphere and insert anywhere in North America. How the hell
> I gonna know what target or even why you blanked coverage.

You don't, but you might upgrade your forces alert status 
(from "Alert, we are in a war" to "Alert, there might be guys 

> recon? SOF insertion. Assett pick up, LZ survey, etc etc etc. So many
> tgts no way to cover them all.

Sure, but the ones you already protect you may just 'be that much 
more alert'. And then try (your intel guys job) to figure out what 
the enemy comms blackout was for.  

> > ?(This is Fantasy...)
> I know. Do you guys even have wild weasel? Or maybe you can
> with	that Australian Submarine to get you in <g>

We have wild weasels. But taming them and teaching them to fly might 
be real hard....
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