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[sg2] Non-lethal/riot weapons

From: Brian Burger <burger00@c...>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 12:35:15 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [sg2] Non-lethal/riot weapons

I know this topic has been kicked around a bit, in the past while, as I
remember someone (no idea who) saying they had non-lethal/riot wpn rules
in the 'very very rough draft' stage of writing. Just wondering if those
had progressed at all, or if anyone else had any interesting ideas...

I'm kicking around ideas for urban scenarios, with cops, troops,
rioters, and others all going at it...

I've also read, in the past, of (hypothetical) non-lethal area denial
weaponry - instead
of mines, you spread really, really sticky goo to trap people and
vehicles, or really slippery stuff to slow people down, make them crash,
etc. There was, I think, also talk of things (chemicals, bacteria,
something) that ate rubber quickly - your jeep drives through stuff like
this, and 2 klicks down the road your tires and hoses collapse into
powder...Actually, to simulate this in SG, have 'mines' with
rubber/plastic eating ability. All 'attacks' count as
kills, for all wheeled, most tracked and some GEV vehicles.

All of the above has both military and law-enforcement applications, of
course. Could give 'stopping an attacker in his tracks' a more literal

(I recall reading, somewhere, of Hungarians, during the 1956 Soviet
invasion, putting soap on paved roads to destroy traction for all sorts
vehicles, including tanks. This strikes me as a bit unlikely, but you
never know. Anyone else heard this one, or can confirm/deny it?)

Brian (
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