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Re: Low-Tech Forces in DSII

From: Thomas Anderson <thomas.anderson@u...>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 20:21:23 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Re: Low-Tech Forces in DSII

On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, MR DAVID E PETERS wrote:
>      Dear List Me,bers:

ee by gum, formal. must be new :-)

right, firstly let me say i've not seen this system myself, so i don't
have any info besides what's here.

>      Melee Militia Troops:
>	These troops are armed with spears or axes and engage in close 
> combat.   They took two hits and draw two chits in close combat.  
> Cost 5 points.

i think the trouble is that, unless your hi-tech forces have WW1 vintage
rifles, or a spear team is actually 30 men, any low-tech fellas are
to get mashed before they get anywhere near spear range. i mean, even
atkinsons's turks don't use spears :-).

i'd never heard of using ds2 in a fantasy / historical setting before.

>	Archer/ Crossbow men Troops.
>	Troops equipped with bows or crossbowns,light armor and melee 
> weapons for self-defense.   They have a range of 3" for bows and 4" 
> for crossbows.   They take two hits, cannot initiate close combat and 
> draw two chits for ranged combat.   Chits effects as per regular 
> ranged combat for infantry.  Cost for bowmen 10 points, Crossbow men 
> 12 points.

i don't think that bows and crossbows are really even on a comparable
scale to modern weapons. just how hi-tech is hi-tech? i remind you of
much of british history in africa during the rhodes era - ten men and an
mg versus vast low-tech armies. of course, the august british legions
didn't always win. instinct tells me that arrows are just going to
off a kevlar vest, but i could well be wrong - they go through knight's
plate well enough at close range.

what does 'light armour' mean in this context? scale mail or kevlar?

i think this is a pretty interesting idea you have here!


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