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Date: Sun, 01 Nov 1998 12:07:53 -0500
Subject: Re: [SG2] [DS2] A list of questions on TOE and logistics

OK I'll take a whcak at this. Answers for the US system. (Agruably the
best when
it comes to logistics)

Thomas Barclay wrote:

> 3. In a modern setting, IFV crew are
>	  A) part of the infantry unit they transport (each vehicle crew
>	  of a squad
>	  B) part of the infantry unit they transport as a separate
>	  platoon
>	  C) really not part of their unit, rather part of an attached
>	  armoured unit under another OIC

The answer is A in the US ARMY. Marine	AMTRACKS are seperate units from
infantry they transport.

> 4. Logistics people (not counting line infantry, snipers, medics,
> combat vehicle crew, air defence, artillery, or engineers, but
> includign mechanics, cooks, logistics, other trades, etc).
>	  A) How many in an inf  platoon? (I suspect none)

Zero  though someone will have theplatoon S$ (Supply) additional duty.
Also teh
platoon SGT sees to replenishment also.

>	  B) How many in an inf Company? (attached to Company?)

About a squad to platoon's worth in HQ company. Supply Sgt, (He might
have an
assitant); Armorer; Communications NCO and one or two assistants, a
training (or
operations) NCO, and admin clerks (one to two). If the unit is monted
there will
be a mechanics section also. Oh yes and the all important cook section
probably three guys. In bn ops a lot of these guys, (Cooks especially),
will be
consoildated at the Bn level. The company XO (2IC in your parlance?) and
the 1st
Sgt (CSM) will be responsible for logistics and replenishment.

>	  C) How many in an inf Battalion? (attached to Battalion?)

There's a whole support company with a med platoon, staff platoon (They
make up
the TOC), supply platoon (very large), communications platoon,
maintenance and
what not. Depending on how your configured you can have your platoons
in support platoons, that get the take care of the supply needs for
companies,and maintenace platoons.(about oa third of these service
troops go
forward with eth line companies qnd teh rest make up the battalion
trains The
commo platoon hangs with the BN HQ proper and teh med platoons farm out
to the line company while the rest together with the BN surgeona nd PA
forms teh
bn aid station.

>	  D) How many in an inf Division? (attached to Division?)

A huge amount! Thers usually a whole support brigade in addition to the
forces with the line battalion.

> 5) What percentage of unit mass represents a months operational
> supplies (yes this is complex, but has anyone an idea of what would
> be a good 'fudge' that we can use that is simple)? This would cover
> food, fuel, medical supplies, spare parts, and any other operational
> spares.

OK. I'll swag something for you. A squad needs about ton of space just
for their
gear when figuring air transport needs. (Just went through this exrcize
my team to AFrica and back but I'm scaling it back for line unit. Figure
guys at 180lbs	each. Ruck and web gear packed with all your stuff plue
at least another 90 lbs. On ong deployments an additioanl bag may be
with say another 50lbs. One basic load of ammo weighs about 15-20 lbs.
So throw
in 4 basic loads at least (more in the FURV). Squad level gear, commo,
etc etc,
another 200 lbs. (depends on what you have. Maybe it takes a while to
set up
recyling on teh panet.). Chow is 3lbs a day concentrated rations. Water
is 16lbs
a day hot climate. Bring 4 days rations and water on hand. So a single
ten man
squad weighs in a:  4800 lbs for four-day operation without offword
1800 of that is bodies, the other 3000 is gear and supplies. hope that
Note that especially at theh end of a long many light year supply chain,
assault transport should carry enough stuff for sevral days of high


OK I'm trying to remember our rule of thumb. )Damn where a real supply
guy when
you ned him?)
For AMMO at least figure: (WARNING: YMMV)

>	  A) High Tempo Operations

4-6 basic loads a day.

>	  B) Normal Tempo Operations

1 basic load a day

>	  C) Low Tempo (Conservative) Operations

1 basic load every few days.

> Anyone in logistics got a suggestion? I'd take the following guesses:
> 1. Initial operting supplies should be at least a month of operations
> (this represents depoting for a bad outcome, not supplies one expects
> to use because supplies should start arriving immediately).

This sounds about right.

> 2. Some tentative numbers:
>	  Initial supply: Multiply all CP of the force x2. This
represents all
> the Kit not seen on the battlefield. For examplemy 1450 Batallion
> would have another 1450 in tents, etc. etc. This includes the
> month depoting of supplies.

You mean there's infantry that actually uses tents?

Apart with tewking some of the specific numbers I thinik your supply
rule ideas
are fine.


BTW I highly Recommend:
THE BATTLE FOR HUNGER HILL "The 1st bn 327 Inf Regt at the Joint
Training Center" By Daniel P. Bolger.  isbn 0-89141-453-3 Presido Press,
(He alo wrote Dragons at War about the NTC.)

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