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Re: [FT] SOF Insertion

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 1998 11:19:16 -0500
Subject: Re: [FT] SOF Insertion

Thomas Barclay wrote:

> That was one option. But maybe the drop cap has enough stealth caps
> and anti grav that it makes a quiet 'hole-in-the-sky' landing with no
> detection. In which case it is just as good. But I think the drop cap
> would work well if you had PA. Meteors hitting the ocean (even if
> near shore) don't merit attention. Your PA SF guys then walk ashore
> under water.

I don't feel that you can always count on meteor showers hitting when
you want
then, thus plan on using them for cover. If they even hit at all. The
Heilne makes famous  using multiple caps or cap parts to include spoofs
decoys works great for a regular drop when you want to spoof targetting
but the
point is not being seen. It has to be one capsule (or one per guy). Also
imagine grav drives leaving some sort of DF-able signature that a
parachute/foil wouldn't so maybe they are used at the last moment before

Assuming the enemy is as intelligent as you (and of a similar Tech
level) are
they would very soon be analyzing meteor showers in an attempt to
their target discrmmination. I would.

Good idea about the water, but screw the walking along the ocean floor.
have a submersible porpulsion attachment for the PA.

We should also discrimminate between between a clandestine insertion and
stealth insertion. Clandestine (in our book) means that no one. Knows
presence ever existed in the operational area. Stealth mean you were not
tracked coming in. So  for a Stealth enterance, you could negate a small
of the enemies defense coverage (Say over half the North American
continent) by
jamming or the destruction of orbital or ground based systems. The hole
hasn to last for insertion. The bad guys know something happened,
butit's sucha
huge area they can't pin point who or what.

1. Clandestine Example: Canada and US are at peace. Tom's unit secretly
infiltrates the US posing as Montreal Canadiens fans heading to a
Avalanche Game. Their misison is to destroy the Budweiser corporate
for the blight they've left on the name of North American beer. Once
they blow
the palce up They exfil in a similar fashion. Noone in the US knows who
did it,
just that Budweiser blew up.

2. Stealth Example. We are at War with Canada over fishing rights. The
Navy and RCAF wild weasel units negate all sensor coverage of the new
coast for 4 hours. Tom's unit conducts a SCUBA insertion into New
Bedford and
blows up the New Bedford Dried Cod processing plant on Lisbon avenue.
Then tehy
are extracted. We know it was the Canadians and we know it was probably
Barclay's rangers, but we were powerless to prevent them from doing

> Or maybe you have some sort of impact foam or bladder that you can
> use to encase yourself for such High G pickups. Better odds than
> today of survival.

Well ships and fighters have inertia dameners. Maybe there is a small
that'll work in a pick up capsule. Same principle.


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