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Re: [FT] SOF Insertion ship

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 19:43:24 -0500
Subject: Re: [FT] SOF Insertion ship

I think I'd want a modular design. I agree that  it should be able to
hold up to
40 troops, which is about 3-4 teams US standards, or 2 trops SAS
standard, which
is about the biggest force that you would ever see working together in a
operation. (though I might want a smaller ship)

By modular I mean (think Space shuttle) it can carry a passenger module,
or a
small lander bay, or a drop cap launcher, or a pure surveillance
package, or a
small sunbmumitions  module depending on the mission. So I think this
would be a
ship with nothing but speed, cloak and a bay. The bay would hold  a
module that
would have to be covered by special rules.

Either the ship is streamlined to make its own landings or it can carry
a lander
module (if necessary). A unit employing this vessel would be
proffessional enough
to get it right the first time So if one is using crew rules they should
eb the
highest grade (or higher) If it was detected and damaged by enemy fire
insertion would be called off anyway. (Think TF 160 or 1st SOW here,
professionalism or competence above any other flying unit melded with
the most
state of the art that money and technology can buy.) A sfar as weapoins
go, I
woudln't install one at expense of stealth capability,sensors, or speed.
Most all
SOF insertion birds normally don't carry even defesnive weapons, (though
they have
the capability depending on the situation)

For cloak, either two systems Blackout, traditional FT cloak. No see in
or out.
And or Looking Glass, can see out and manuever. The difference being
that the
player doesn't have to write all his orders in advance. These are one
off ships
and could be used in scenarios as victory conditions (Successful
accomplished, etc etc.)

Just thinking out loud here.

Now John's ship is more of  special operations recovery ship since it
seem s to be
geared towards getting the ship I describe above in and out of system.


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