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Re: Fleet Control System Revised

From: "Jared E Noble" <JNOBLE2@m...>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 09:50:52 -1000
Subject: Re: Fleet Control System Revised

>As promised, its 3:30pm here in not-so-sunny Brisbane and here's the
>revised version of the Fleet Control System.

I like it!  Just a few comments noted below...

>Fleet Cons-
>Similar to a FireCon but much, much larger the Fleet Con is a
>sensor and communication array used to co-ordinate fleet movements and
>observe/predict enemy fleet movements.  It is often only found on
>vessels due to its size, complexity and crew requirements. 
>in battle is often tenuous at best and as a result the effectiveness of
>device can vary greatly.
>Game Use:  As communications in battle are often tenuous at best, the
>Control communications are represented by randomly generated numbers
>refered to as 'ratings'.  Any vessel with a Fleet Con rolls a D6 at the
>start of each turn.  Rolls of 1-3 have no effect, 4's give 1 rating,
>give 2 ratings and 6's give 3 ratings resulting in a possible result of
>in any given turn.

Good - but how about making the die rolls the same as a beam Weapon die
(with or without rererolls- your choice) if without, perhaps drop a mass
point...The idea is to use the same mechanic used elsewhere in the game,
especially since the range of outcomes is not very different.

>The Fleet Con can be used to either give a fleet an edge in initiative
>the other or to co-ordinate friendly vessel attacks.
>When the roll for initiative is made, players with Fleet Cons may
>ratings to give them a bonus on the initiative roll.  Each rating
>give a bonus of +1 to the roll.

And the total to be spent must be declared before rolling the dice.

>Fleet Cons may also be used to co-ordinate friendly attacks.  When a

Very nice.

>Ratings are NOT carried from turn to turn and any that are not used are
>Mass of system=9      Costs=27 points.

Bit big, but perhaps worth it.

>Optional rules:
>Fleet Con grades.
>The above explanation is for a basic Fleet Con.  If desired, players
>use "grades" of Fleet Cons each with a different level of
>There are three grades available:  Basic, Enhanced and Superior.
>Basic Fleet Cons are the ones described in the main rules and roll 1D6
>determine the system's rating for the turn.  Enhanced systems roll 2D6
>while Superior systems roll 3D6 (giving a range of 0-6 and 0-9
>The more advanced systems are subsequently more massive and expensive
>just the basic systems as described below:
>Basic Fleet Con     Mass=9	Cost=27 points (Mass x 3)
>Enhanced Fleet Con  Mass=12	Cost=36 points (Mass x 3)
>Superior Fleet Con  Mass=18	Cost=54 points (Mass x 3)

I'd change the progression a bit to smooth it out.

>Fleet Cons can also be used to predict the movements of enemy vessels,
>allowing for a tactical edge for the friendly fleet.  For every 3
>expended, a player with Fleet Cons may force their opponent to reveal
>movement orders for ONE for their vessels (Fleet Con player's choice)
>all orders have been written but BEFORE Salvo Missiles and Fighter
>are moved.
>(This final rule is currently VERY optional as it can provide players
>a huge tactical advantage at times.  This is why it takes 3 ratings to

I like the peeking idea.  My only concern is the following - you have
described Fleet con as a Sensor/Communication array of some complexity
ability. But enhanced sensors already exist. I think that the Fleet Con
should be focused on the roll of communication/coordination.  Leave the
sensing/detecting to the sensors.  Peeking feels like an ability that
be more closely related to enhanced sensors.  One nice thing this does
it gives sensors more utility, something they seem to be lacking.

how about this -
Ships with Active sensors (enhanced or superior) are currently able to
1 vessel per turn to attempt to reveal additional information about the
target.  I see no indication of when the scan takes place - I assume at
beginning of the turn.	If the ship with the sensors also contains the
Fleet Con, then expending 3 ratings will allow CIC to analize the sensor
data to 'predict' a ship's move for the turn - thus 'peeking'.	If the
enhanced/superior sensors are mounted on different ship, then expending
rating will establish a 'link' between the sensor ship and the Flag ship
CIC (fleet con). from this point 3 ratings will analyze the data to
allow a

The idea is that sensors excel at ummm...sensing things.  Fleet Con/CIC
good at analysis, control, and coordination.  The job of Fleet Con is to
allow the effective use of abilities that otherwise may not be used to

>Well, there's the current re-write.  I've taken into account everyone's
>suggestions and so I think its a vast improvement.  Any more comments
>And thanks to everyone for their input.  Its been very helpful and

Looks good!

Jared (who thinks Sensors & ECM should have more flexibility)

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