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Re: [DSII] [Tech] Battlefield Awareness (Was: [GZG] [HIST] Military Ha...

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Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 13:13:41 EST
Subject: Re: [DSII] [Tech] Battlefield Awareness (Was: [GZG] [HIST] Military Ha...

In a message dated 10/28/98 9:42:32 AM Pacific Standard Time, jiji@my- writes:

> Actually (to bring up Clancy again) in Executive Orders, he wrote
> something called the IVIS which apparently could track via GPS all the

> vehicles equipped with the system, allowing something very like a
> level of situational awareness. In fact, there was a rather
interesting bit 
> of exposition in which the commander of the US forces realizes that
he's got
> the ability to see and micromanage better than any commander in
> but that this is the one thing he must not do.
>  Admittedly, this system was being used against a lower-tech force
> Iran/Iraq armored divisions.) I'd imagine it'd work much less
effectively on
> a DSII-era battlefield where a) both sides would have this technology
and b)
> there'd be ECM/ECCM to spoof/jam the system.
>  Any of you with military experience know anything about IVIS? Is it
>  or just Clancytech?


Yes, the Inter-Vehicular Information System (IVIS) is being fielded on
latest versions of US fighting vehicles.  While I've been light
infantry/airborne for my career, from what I hear it is an impressive
so long as one insures they don't let it lead them to the temptation of
micromanagement. It will be even more impressive when the newest
generation of
"smart rounds" come out for the Abrams.  Now a firing unit will not have
see it's target, just know where on the map it is, even if behind
cover.	This is also to be of great use for the AH-64D Longbow Apaches
and the
RAH-66 Commanches.  One chopper unmasks its' millimetric-wave radar and
for targets.  This info is squirted to the other choppers to include
target type (ie., tank, IFV, flak-panzer, command track, etc) and
of fire.  Each designates their targets on the screen, the IVIS's squawk
and forth to insure no one is "doubling up" on the juicy targets, and
they fire from behind cover.  This same information can also be sent
back to
fire control centers to bring down arty and air strikes.

It's an impressive addition and has led to the decision by the US Army
reduce the combat companies in Armor and Mech Infantry battalions from 4
to 3.
You can be subject to info overload, and a desire to fiddle with what
are doing, but that can be overcome in training.  While jamming is
the system sends info by frequency hop and encrypted so this is rather
impractical unless you wish to do without comms yourself, and this is
you have a jammer powerful enough and close enough to pull it off.  More
can be found in the IVIS in Armored Cav, also by Clancy.  It's a
overview of US armored cavalry (and US mech forces in general).

Chris Ruhl
SGT, 301st PSYOP Company (Airborne)


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