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From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 23:23:38 -0400
Subject: 敒›婇⁇楆瑣潩썒璶䠠晡湥瀠㔮

John M. Atkinson wrote:

> Outstanding work, like the rest of the Rot Hafen stuff.  You did
> once on a date--methinks you didn't really mean 1998.  :)

Thanks, I'll have to track that down and fix it. Right now I'm so intent
getting chapters out I occasioanlly miss stuff. After I've written it,
checked it,  printed it out, read it again and marked it up, then fixed
it again
it gets tough to read without a a few weeks distance.

> What rules were you using for the NAC Wild Weasel shown, and how did
> simulate the K'V being incompetent fighter pilots (or is that a
> reflection of really bad dice rolls on the K'V's part at Historicon?)
> Also, how did you do the shuttle the 160th (ha, ha) uses to insert the
> nuclear bomb techs?

Actually the battle we fought at Historicon was the fleet action and
combat between teh NSL fleet and the KV, not the strike against STummpy
Grumpy. For that,  I used FRED (The descent Free space editor) and
designed whole
scenario, f lew it a few times in Descent Freespace using their
fighters, then
added some imagination.

However I was thinking about how to simulate that in FT since this
weekend my
friend Kurt is coming up and we're going to fight "the big one". There
are already
rules in MT governing Ace and Turkey groups. We will be using them this
though I really am attributing the KVs poor showing to their lack of
experience in
fighter ops vs a hot shot opponent.

However the ECM  I simulate like this:
Only Heavy fighter group may opt for an single suppression bird. It's
adds one to the strike effectiveness (1d6 +1) and subtracts 2 from enemy
However if the FG takes a hit then there's a 50% chance that the wold
weael will
be the one that buys it since it's the one that's lit up like a
christmas tree.
Also the ECM bird does NOT get a shot against the enemy.

SO if you have 6 ftrs attacking (Wait lemme get out a die) they come in
and theKV
scattergun gets off a shot. A dr of 2 kills no fighters. The fighter
group shoots
back and rolls a 4,6,3,2,1. (5 birds shoot) Normally that would do 3
point of
damage but because the wild weasel is there it does 4 points (the 3 is
change to a
4). An alternate is to just add one hit to the total given but this
method has the
potential for more damage. We'll let you know how it goes in our

Neither one of is is a FT expert so we don't know how unbaalnced this is
but we
sort of base are games on scenarios (well actually fighting the battles
in this

Now re: the cloaking. Blackout is the traditional FT cloak.  The way I'm
looking glass will unfortunately be classified until after the battle
this weekend
because my opponent (I believe) lurks on here and it's gonna be a
surprise. He's
being a sport about playing the KV in the spirit of the story athough
I've given
him some fog of war stuff to throw at me also.This coming battle is
actually big
enough that we're considering using teh hex maps and counters from
because of space. But we haven't decided yet.


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