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[FT/B5] Fighter bases

From: Keith Watt <kwatt@a...>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 08:15:38 -0400
Subject: [FT/B5] Fighter bases

Here's how I solved the problem:

First I broke and filed off the existing "pegs" for the fighters.  Next,
I glued 6 earring posts (US$2 for 100) to the base.  Finally, I glued
the fighters themselves to earring backs (painted black).  Now when I
lose a fighter, the actual fighter model can be removed from the base
rather than using a die.  It really looks good (the earring post is
thinner and more invisible than the original peg) and it shows you the
fighter strength at a glance.  Fun to watch my oponent's squadron being
whittled down too...

Just an idea that's worked very well (and was very cheap and easy!)


Kelvin Henderson wrote:

> Earlier in the year I discussed with Nic of Eureka Minis fame the idea
> doing Fighter bases that could hold a dice as well as the fighter
minis and
> having them base-heavy so that they don't keep falling over all the
> (at that stage I was experimenting with many designs, most mage from
> plastic or foam that kept toppling at the slightest touch).  He told
me if
> I did up a prototype, he'd see what he could do.  So I did one up out
of a
> standard hexagonal flight stand with a section cut-out to hold a
> dice.  Nic had a master done and sent me a few.  They look really,
> nice I can tell you, especially when painted up.  I've done some of my
> Tigers up on them with 4 to a base and they look fantastic.  With the
D6 in
> the back to show how many there are left in the group, I am looking
> to getting more to use in my fleets.	I don't know if Nic has them in
> production yet, but I can tell you I will be getting many, many more
> them.  Woo-hoo!

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