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Re: Imperium/Full Thrust campaign

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 18:40:17 -0500
Subject: Re: Imperium/Full Thrust campaign

Jeff spake thusly upon matters weighty: 

> I've been working on a set of ship designs for what we call "version
2" of
> the campaign.  With these designs, I'm trying to create a closer
> approximation to the relative combat factors and costs of the ships
> in Imperium.

Always wished I had a copy of that game. One that might be 
interesting to run as FT/SG2 or DS2 crossover would be Invasion Earth 
which I do own. 
> I've posted the first draft of these designs at:
> <>

Snazzy. What did you use to produce these? They look good. WIth my 
luck, its a piece of Mac software...
> We've yet to playtest any of these designs.  Once we have, I'll try to
> the final version in more of a "printer ready" format.

I note that none of these ships has what I would call a spinal mount 
from Traveller.  (That is, a larger than size class 3 battery or a 
big rail gun - depending on if it was a PA or a Meson gun). And I 
guess you are assuming shield are Nuclear Dampers, Sandcaster turrets 
and bays, etc. all sort of abstractly represented? And no one, I 
imagine, has a black globe?

Still, all in all, looks like a lot of good work. I see you've made 
the Vilani more missile heavy and the Terrans more beam heavy. I 
might have went the other way. I always figured beams were the more 
'classic' armament (massive laser bays, PA barbettes, etc) for a 
high-tech society. 

BTW, Has anyone else (or more correctly, i'm sure someone has, but 
who and where) produced ship sheets for FT (FB preferably) and some 
added rules for the common ships in Traveller (Scout Couriers, 
Merchants, Patrol Cruisers, etc). If so, could someone repost the 

I have a rack of old traveller minis and a hankering to run some 
Traveller FT/SG2 stuff. That UN PA sure looks a lot like Traveller 
Combat Armour/Battle Dress....

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