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Re: The Kra'Vak

From: jatkins6@i... (John Atkinson)
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 20:32:04 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: The Kra'Vak

You wrote: 

>> This would be an alternate form of morale--but they will attempt to
>> signal surrender/switch first, probably about the time they hit
>> broken.
>A quick question re: surrender/switch. At what level does this happen
>on? If two KV sqauds are fighting each other, do individuals switch 
and >start firing on their buddies? Does it work only on teh strike 
claw (bn) >level, squad levelo, or is the switch factor something that 
comes down >from Clan HQ?

I can't imagine a squad changing over as individuals and starting an 
internal firefight.  But then again, I'm Hu'man.  I can easily see a 
squad popping their squad leader and signalling their surrender, and 
awaiting orders.  For simplicity's sake, I'd have in a DSII game, the 
K'V surrender/switching as platoons, with higher level HQs 
surrender/switching once a majority of their subordinates have, and 
passing the decision down to still loyal subunits, who are of course 
free to ignore it if they so choose.  It's a very chaotic way of doing 
battle.  KV leaders know they can be replaced at the drop of a hat, so 
they try to minimize the opportunity for random chance to turn the tide 
against them.  Once a KV force looses momentum and the tide turns, it 
turns FAST.

The fanfic I'm working on (no working title) has K'V surrendering as a 
whole crew with the former captain accepting a lower status rather than 
being killed.  Then there's the raid on their scout base, but the SOF 
troopers tasked with cleaning that out are under orders not to take 
prisioners--priority is on taking the station quickly so as to have 
computers to salvage.


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