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Re: The Kra'Vak

From: Brian Bell <brian.bell@a...>
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 1998 22:21:50 -0700
Subject: Re: The Kra'Vak

My run at the Kra'Vak is as follows:
  Kra'Vak (KV from now on) is (as others have imagined) both a cast and
a clan system.
Each KV must prove him/her/itself during adolesence to gain position in
the clan. Each clan can gain or loose favor by the actions of its
members. Rising a clan in cast takes GREAT effort, luck, and success.
Dropping a clan's status is somewhat more easy. The Matriarch decides
which clan rises or falls. Only the most favored clan can produce
breeders to breed with the Matriarch.

IMHO, the Kra'Vak are a preditor species. It gained technology through
trade. However, the species that it gained the technology from betraed
the KV. The KV through superior will (and need) exterminated that
species. This started the KV xenophobia. They slowly expanded thier
territory. Eight generations ago, the edge of KV space was invaded by
an, as of yet, unamed species. The KV was driven from their territroy.
As they flee this invader, they have become what they fear. They
exterminate everything in their path. They upgrade and use factories of
the species they conquer to replace the ships they loose in the process.
They fight without fear, because what is behind them is far worse than
anything they have run into. And failure means the extermination of
thier species. This explains why they have used bombardment from orbit
to outer colonies (which would not have major factories and no
shipyards). But as they get closer to the core of human society, they
land troups to control factories and minerals.

Brian Bell

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