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Re: Fleet Book Availability?

From: "Geo-Hex" <geohex@m...>
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 11:23:09 +0000
Subject: Re: Fleet Book Availability?

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> From: (Jim 'Jiji' Foster)
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> Subject:	 Re: Fleet Book Availability?

Most stores just will not contact a manufacturer direct to buy stock. 
The distributors have done a good job over the years of making stores 
their customers, but the last couple years their service levels have 
really begun to deteriorate.  Believe me, we make EVERY effort to 
inform the buyers and stores of the products.  But the supply system 
in this hobby no longer functions efficiently (if in fact it ever 
did).  If you want a game or mini badly enough INSIST that the store 
call the manufacturer direct, and have the number handy when you do.  
Tell him you'll wait while he makes the call and see what he says.  
Many stores call when challenged in this way, and are pleased to find 
out that the manufacturer is someone they can deal with, or who can 
put them on to a distributor who actually has the product.

KR, Geo-Hex

> At 19:39 7/29/98, Michael Smit wrote:
> >OK, I was patient, and I finally got to one of the game stores in
> >Minneapolis, and I had to have the people there order me a copy.
> >
> >Yesterday, they called me back and said that their distributor told
them it
> >was not yet released?  Huh?
> I'm also wondering when it will filter out to the rest of us. My local
> store (The Gamer in Manhattan, KS) has told me that they're "having
> getting ahold of it."
> Was gibt?
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