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Re: Fleet Book Availability?

From: "Geo-Hex" <geohex@m...>
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 11:23:09 +0000
Subject: Re: Fleet Book Availability?

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> Date: 	 Thu, 30 Jul 1998 08:43:08 -0500
> Subject:	 Re: Fleet Book Availability?

> ***I really don't know what the heck is going on with the US
> system. GeoHex have had copies since the beginning of June, and they
> no time (AFAIK) in shipping them out to distributors.
> Distributors who tell stores it is unavailable either don't know what
> are talking about, or simply can't be bothered.
> I would strongly recommend that if you think you have given your store
> fair chance to get it for you, and they've failed, you should order
> from GeoHex.
> Jon (GZG)***
> *shrug* Actually, sounds pretty normal. Even some of the bigger
> manufactures have been plagued with maddeningly frustrating failures
> distribution of certain popular new releases. (*note: I had put this
> into draft status, then saw Oerjan's note*). The few glimpses I've
> heard/seen of what causes these seemingly random disruptions suggests
> backroom politics/hissyfits between marketing and buyers worthy of
> called 'Byzantine'. And there are people wondering why so many
> start ups drop?
> Course, stores can be another bottleneck. I have exceedingly good
> with local store management, but was pretty frustrated on obtaining
> Fleet Book. In one case, the manager stated he was looking into the
> retailer 'deal', but nothing seems to have come from it. In the case
> Hobbytown, this is the home of a national franchise, and up until a
> weeks ago, no one was aware any AoG capitals besides the Sharlin were
> available. I haven't seen the FB there yet.
> The whole thing seems an incredible crap shoot. It's a wonder anybody
> survives in the business. Plenty don't.
> As a mea culpa, there hasn't been a lot of GZG play at my
> home-away-from-home, Spellbound, but a friend and I are starting to
> that around.
> We'll definitely be looking for GeoHex bright and early at GenCon in
> of finding two FB's. I try to support local business by buying
locally, but
> I've only so much patience. KR, when are you hoping to be ready for
> business on the vendor floor? ;->=
> The_Beast
We'll be there bright and early Thursday morning as ready to 
separate you from your money as any other dealer in the hall!! ;-)


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