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From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 10:58:37 -0700

Just spent the weekend at Historicon and had a blast. I was surprised
that Geohex wasn't there. One had to hunt and peck to find FT stuff, the
only thing I saw on sale was the FT book. No MT or FB. A few vendors
had  the full FT mini-line up to the KV and SV. There were some painted
ships for sale. I saw no SG or DS stuff though they were selling
heavenly bodies which looked nice. There was a star wars FT game run
thursday night.

On Friday and Saturday I played FT with a friend NSL vs Kra'Vak (I'll
AAR that later). We had two GREAT games. It was Kurt's first  actual FT
games and he's now hooked and buying up stuff (as is another buddy).

Much interest was generated by this game. Everyone wanted to paw through
the Fleet Book which is still a rarity here in the US and I gave a lot
of explanations about the new changes and rules. My buddy Kurt and I
felt as if we were doing our SF duty as having the only Space battle at
the con! There was much bitching and moaning (by me too) about where the
hell was Geohex or at least the FB for sale at the con. No shit, at
least twenty people inquired about where they could buy it at the con! I
was also happy that my NSL fleet garned a number of compliments.

The highlight was on Saturday night when Nic from Eureka showed up at
our gaming table and handed me two shiny new OUDF cruiser for testing
and evaluation. I will be putting these beasuties together and seconding
them and their crews to the KriegsRaumFlotte for operational testing
against the hated Kra'Vak. (Especially after thelosses we took this
weekend.) We had a nice chat about things GZG. THANKS NIC!!!!

My only regret is that I can't make it to Gencon...

All the hsitorical stuff was cool too and I spent WAY WAY too much
money. BTWour game club (the Connecticut Game Club) will be having our
own Con in January (Crusades '98) in New Haven, Connecticut (Right in
between Boston and New York). Therte's always plenty of FT DS SG and
otehr Sci Fi there as well as many vendors. I run the CGC webpage with
Hopefully some of you guys can make it and maybe even want to run a game
or two.


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