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Re: Orbital Insertion

From: "Tom Sullivan" <starkfist@h...>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 08:47:41 PDT
Subject: Re: Orbital Insertion

Up until this very week, I was not an advocate of the use of Bloody Huge

Dropships.  What changed this, you ask?  Simple.  Just this week, I 
purchased, for a mere $12.00, an old Thunderbirds model.  The one of the

big ship, which appears to have been used as a dropship on the show 
itself.  (Sorry, I've never actually seen an episode of Thunderbirds...)
The model is a little under a foot long, about three inches high, and 
roughly four inches wide.  I intend, Real Soon Now, to add some turrets 
from my bits box to the hull, paint it up in a black and white dazzle 
pattern, and use it as a DSII dropship.

The way I see it, the fleet's job in a planetary assault is to achieve 
total orbital superiortiy, ASAP.  Only after the sky has been swept 
clean of enemy satelites, and you have your own anti-missile defenses in

place, do you attempt to land the BHD.	And before you do THAT, you 
bombard the chosen landing area from orbit, in an attempt to wipe out 
any possible resistance.

Ultimately, of course, I am only bothering to justify this because I 
think that the Dropship will look really cool on the table.  And isn't 
that the most important thing?

By the way, K.R.:  Did you not carry, at some point in the distant past,

a ceramic drop ship intended for use with Battletech figures?  As I 
recall from the pictures in your catalog,it was a Bloody Huge Dropship 

Tom Sullivan
"For some people, success depends upon becoming well known.  For others,

it depends on never being found out."

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