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Re:[OFFICIAL] No Good Guys, what about the UN?

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 15:24:30 -0500
Subject: Re:[OFFICIAL] No Good Guys, what about the UN?

David spake thusly upon matters weighty: 

> I guess the counterexample would be the dreadfully lame and
> overlong "Braveheart" which clumsily constructs a nation of evil
> repressive and corrupting murderers, rapists, and homosexuals to
> battle against, while building up it's hero with so much heroic
> motivation that it remains a wonder that he didn't explode. Bleh.
> I found it too awful to even laugh at. I can live without that
> laboured crap on the tabletop.

I won't take this up here as this is not the forum. Nor is history 
deterministic, or entirely accurately known. But I would just wonder 
which side of the Scots border you're writing this from? I'll bet I 
can guess. Even folklore comes from somewhere. It's distored (sure, 
so is most history, even that written in Kings courts). It's 
propaganda (same for most history in one way or another). But it has 
some basis in fact. And the movie is a recounting as much of the 
Folklore surrounding Wallace as the life of the actual man, of which 
there is much speculation, but litle 'true' fact, similarly so with 
his foes. 

Speculating about the past under the guise of 'historical knowledge' 
has just about as much likelihood of being right in all particulars 
as our attempts to simulate the future, especially when obscured by 
the myopia of the present.  

To bring this back OT, a question for Jon or the list. Do we suspect 
that the UN has enough power to curtail most attrocities in the 
future? Or are the terrible wars of the future the horrors one would 
imagine, given a small and far stretched UN? Can they police the far 
colonies well enough to stop ethnic cleansings and the like? Or is 
the UN just a watchdog for the Sol system and pretty much whatever 
awful strife goes on in the colonies is what it is with no 
interference from the outside world? This makes a difference to the 
types and levels of restrictiveness that would be placed as ROE on 
the forces of the various nations. And do some people limit their 
folk because of fear of the UN or principle whereas others due to 
power or disagreement with UN authority ignore conventions or do not 
limit their forces ROE? And what about the Megacorps? Do they (being 
econo powerhouses) ignore UN ROE? (Reasoning they can buy off or just 
ignore any implications because they are so big?)

What say thou, list members? What say thou on the UN, Jon T?
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