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New Fighter Types

From: "Michael Blair" <amfortas@h...>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 02:26:29 PDT
Subject: New Fighter Types

New Fighter Types
Endo Fighter	A defensive fighter that can only operate within a 
planetery atmosphere. It has no anti ship capability but attacks as an 
interceptor. (it does not have to comprmise itself with heavy spaceplane

		I think this might be stolen from someone but it is a 
nice idea.

I have always rather suspected that normal FT figters are NOT atmosphere

capable (and this was before starting to watch Babylon 5). So for a 
fighter to operated in an atmosphere it should pay more for streamlining

This is an additional complication that I do not intend to use myself 
but someone might like it.
Conversely should space-only fighters be a little cheaper?
The Thunderbolt. Everyone seems to think that this is the bees knees but

is it much better than a Starfury? It is larger, more expensive and 
atmosphere capable but it is the stramlining that makes it larger and 
dearer, compromising it in the dogfighting role. So in space combat it 
should function at best just like a Starfury.
I know this is going to annoy people but what do you think?
Incidentally I love the thing, and think it is the nicest looking 
fighter in B5.
I wonder how difficult it would be to add a longer nose to the UNSC Star

Tiger fighter?


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