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RE: LaGrange Points, others

From: Samuel Penn <sam@b...>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 11:18:59 +0100
Subject: RE: LaGrange Points, others

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	  Noah Doyle <> wrote:
Do you realise that you have WINMAIL/DAT attacthments added
to the end of most of your emails btw?

> I like the EOS (Edge Of System) concept - means you have to have
> powerful drives, or accept long travel-to-jump times.  It reminds me
of the 
> Alderson Drive from Niven/Pournelle fiction - instant long range FTL,
> insystem travel.

I think it was in one of Niven's Known Space novels, where
they're talking about the new mega-fast hyperdrive, and they're
realising that it's practically useless - it takes 12 months to
go nowhere (to edge of solar system where a jump can be made),
and 13 months to go anywhere (other side of the galaxy).

>      With the above as a fact of life, the 'pirate' will not be
> a warship (no space for cargo), otherwise piracy becomes a
> operation.   The ideal pirate ship becomes a converted
> thrust 4 to 6 ship not greater than mass 18, with additional boarding
> parties and two mass in weapons.
> Got comments?

I'm in the middle of converting my raider fleet into FB stats
(represented by my Silent Death models). They're mostly converted
civilian hulls (some not so streamlined now that they have large
weapon pods fitted externally), with weak/fragile hulls, quite
a bit of armour (well, metal plates wielded to the outside), with
mainly class 1 batteries and needle beams. No one-shot weapons
because getting resupplies will be too difficult. Most are around
mass 20, with the largest being mass 36 (a Night Hawk).

Oh yes, and a Narn G'Quon makes for a very nice mother ship.

Coming to a web page near you RSN...

Be seeing you,
Sam.		     ----------------------- Roleplaying and Wargaming

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