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Re: UNSC forces

From: Trevor Dow <adspirit@p...>
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 10:57:54 +1100
Subject: Re: UNSC forces

Tony Wilkinson wrote:
>	  According to Nic Robson the OU ship miniatures should be done
but I still
> have no idea what they look like. As for the UN ships Nic did have a
> model at SAGA some weeks ago (which I bought in a moment of weakness
> nearly always gets me at Nic's stall). It was a carrier that came in 3
> pieces; body, bridge and engines. Fairly smooth sort'a model which to
> looked a lot like the carriers out of Space: Above and Beyond. The
> was pretty good overall though there were a lot of small annoying
balls of
> resin over the more detailed parts of the model and the engines took a
> of filing to fit right. I haven't finished cleaning up the model yet
due to
> lack of time but say 2-3 hours to do a good job on the one I got. As
far as
> I know this model is the only one in the range so far and I don't know
> made it or if Nic has any more (I got the last at SAGA) and it's not
in his
> catalog yet.
>	  Tony.

The carrier that Tony is refering to is made by Adventurous Spirit.  It 
is part of a range I'm working on right at this very moment. Sorry Tony 
about those annoying little bubbles on the surface, I had to rush the 
moulds for SAGA and didn't have time to use a Vac chamber (I have to 
travel 80 km to use it) The next releases will be better with the 
engines and bridge made out of metal and hopefully no tiny bubbles. I'm 
just putting the finnishing touches on a super dreadnaught that looks a 
bit like the Earth ships in The Fifth Element. The OU ships you are 
referring to are similar in shape, although not made by me the two 
ranges will compliment each other nicely.

Regards to all
Trevor Dow
Adventurous Spirit

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