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RE: Noise..

From: "Tim Jones" <Tim.Jones@S...>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 08:58:43 +0100
Subject: RE: Noise..

> > A quick request..  Can we keep the talk a *bit* more on
> topic? I came in to a couple of
> > hundred emails this morning the vast majority of which
> were, well, only subjectively

I support Jon completely here

> I can see that. But I guess most of us use this as a forum of sorts,
> and many things interest us about the 'future' as it might be. Maybe
> we should have a separate list for such speculations.... but we don't
> right now.

I agree and would like to see a split for these side discussions, so
interested *should*  think about setting something up. May I draw your
attention to the fact that there is a separate list for computer
set up because we felt it was a minority interest and discussing C
and algorithms was _annoying_ people.

Maybe not as grand as a list server as the group more interested in
contemporary military matters and history is small enough to manage with
simple address list.
Just organise it someone please.

> well enough that by en large we don't have anything to bitch about
> and errata aren't much of an issue, so the interest is in the
> background, its implications, and the technologies and their
> implications rather than on game mechanics.

To some extent this is true. But long contemporary discussions of
religion, history and hardware etc. are not what this list was
originally about. I'd just be happy with questions, reviews, tactics,
reports ,rule & system suggestions, play-aids that sort of directly
thing only.

> on is a social interaction between players of a series of games
> separated by vast geography. I can see why some would complain - the
> volume can be a lot - but I can also say I personally don't find most
> of the diversions annoying - I find them interesting and they tell me
> a bit about the other hobbyists I might one day be fortunate enough
> to meet. And they open my eyes to interesting new ideas.#

This is where we get subjective. I am finding it increasingly annoying,
so that I'm forces to delete whole threads unread. I think a bit of
social interaction is OK, but as the list size increases we have to more
and more careful we don't use it to chat to our friends, forgetting we
400 odd people eaves-dropping. The new ideas are getting lost in the
I don't have the time to sieve through it all so I may be missing some
relevant stuff.

tim jones

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