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RE: OT Lights to game/paint by

From: Tim Jones <Tim.Jones@S...>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 13:47:56 +0100
Subject: RE: OT Lights to game/paint by

On Thursday, July 02, 1998 12:28 PM, Thomas Barclay 
[] wrote:

> And a lot of heat. Ever tried that in a small room with a half dozen
> or more heated gamers? Gets hot fast I've found.

You're right about the heat you can feel it, nice and cosy
in the winter :-) I think my ceilings are over 7ft - nearer 8ft
so this makes a difference 7ft is too low for spots.

> Depends on how many tubes you have and your appreciation for diffuse
> light. People must like this kind of light or GE wouldn't make 'Soft
> White' Incandescents.

If radiant heat is an issue then these are a better option and require
less clearance, you can get better spectrum tubes at more cost (black
light make an interesting combination with flourescent paints)

> They are and they aren't. You can move them about.....

I have seen floor standing halogens with swivel heads though. But lights
on the 
floor get in the way and can be tripped over in excitment. They too
much directional heat.

> And I've never seen a 'fiddly transformer' on one of the modern
> lamps...

I'm thinking of the inset ceiling type used to be a pain to install
as you have to wire the transformers in, but come to think of
it the modern stuff is all integrated so its a lot easier but the
fittings cost a lot more.

I also have a desk lamp that clamps to the gaming board from a
cartography studio, has a double flourescent head 2x18 inch tubes.

I use this to illuminate the game and sometimes have a red background
in the angle poise to give atmosphere, as the spots are a bit bright. It

doesn't get in the way and as you can swivel it about. Feels like being
in one
of those tac ops rooms you see in navy films.

Looks like flourescents may be better for you, though I'd probably
prefer the
quality light from of up-lighters

tim jones

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