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RE: OT Lights to game/paint by

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 06:27:46 -0500
Subject: RE: OT Lights to game/paint by

Tim spake thusly upon matters weighty: 

> On Thursday, July 02, 1998 6:39 AM, Brian Bell
[] wrote:
> This may be OT but what the heck the first message in 2 days...

Any topic seems good today.... its a sign of life.

> The spots are on swivel mounts so can be placed in direction to give
> light. Very good for gaming and general work as they pump out 160
watts light

And a lot of heat. Ever tried that in a small room with a half dozen 
or more heated gamers? Gets hot fast I've found. 
> For painitng you really need a directional local light source so I
> a desk light with a daylight spectrum filament bulb, gives sun-like
> The desk light has an angle poise system for positioning and a
> hood.

This I agree with. In fact, one of those arm lamps with a magnifier 
built in is ideal for painting. 
> I think the light from these is harsh flickery and gives me a headache
> You can install them off the normal outlets as the chokes are in the
> fittings.

Depends on how many tubes you have and your appreciation for diffuse 
light. People must like this kind of light or GE wouldn't make 'Soft 
White' Incandescents.  

> > Torch style Halogin bulbed floor lamps
> Up lighting gives nice ambient light, halogen has a good spectrum but
> fiddly transformers and expensive replacement bulbs. Floor lights
> be directional.

They are and they aren't. You can move them about.....

And I've never seen a 'fiddly transformer' on one of the modern 
lamps... but I will admit the bulbs have special care instructions 
(ie NEVER get fingerprints on them) and cost about $7 Canadian. I 
have replaced one in about three years of ownership of three lights.  
It doesn't seem to be a major problem (note, the more dusty your 
environment, the more risk of losing a bulb). 

> FWIW I'd go for a ceiling mounted spot array, its relatively cheap
> gives good directional light and can be installed over the existing
> fittings and look good.

1. With a seven foot cieling, I'd think that would be a pain unless 
it was right over your table. I found with low ceilings that the 
hanging spots can get in the way. But at least you are getting (as is 
typical for the list) divergent answers......



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