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Vectored movement

From: mehawk@c... (Michael Sandy)
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 13:39:29 -0800
Subject: Vectored movement

I have some ideas for making vector movement a little easier
to keep track of.

For starters, assign a color to each of the hex directions.  Then
to keep track of a vector.

	    8		 10
	Red  \	       /Orange
		  \    /
6 Violet ___\./____ Yellow  12
		   /  \
		 /	\
      Blue   /	       \ Green
	    4		   2
Have a bunch of colored tabs, some representing 1, 3 ,5, 10
or whatever units of each vector.  Odd numbered courses would
just have to be represented approximately in terms of the
hex grid anyway, as long as thrust is purely defined in integral
ROYGBV there isn't a problem.

1 Blue + 1 Yellow = 1 Green,  1 Y + 1 R = 1 O, etc...

This would provide a nice color cue for how fast a ship is
going in what direction.

Have a vertical toothpick as a 'course pole' and a bunch of
colored beads for each model.  Or three halved toothpicks to
make transfering the beads easier.  You would start with the
beads on one pole, and transfer them to a second pole as you
moved the ship according to the beads.	Then you figure out
the resultant course after thrust by adding more beads and
trying to end up with a course pole containing only two
adjacent colors.

What you could do is fit out enough Bogey cards with course
poles on them and then put your beautiful models on the Bogey
cards as the bogies were scanned.  And if your ship left
scanning range you'd just take your model off again. 

Michael Sandy

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