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Re: Leaving the Table

From: Brian <pdga6560@c...>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 10:12:18 -0800
Subject: Re: Leaving the Table

> I'll just give the following orders
> on the first turn:
> 4L4 or 4R4
> And I will not move one single inch closer to you. Then I'll just
> boost away, gather speed, sweep around and enter table when I feel
> like it.
> Which results in the "off the table" problem on the first turn
> instead of the second.

I usually set a rule that when ships leave the table, they may NOT
alter thier velocity off the table (just thier course). This is
unrealistic, but avoids arguments of what you did off the table. We also
prohibit repair rolls off the table.

When a ship re-enters the table, it ENDS its movement within 2" of the
point it left the table (We mark it when it leaves). This gives a
disadvantage to leaving the play area.

If a ship leaves the play area, it will be 4-6 rounds before it can
reenter (we play the rules on page 11 and double results of 1-3 instead
of denying return . If it is moving faster than the length (or width) of
the table(-its thrust rating)enying re-entry), it will
have to reduce its speed several turns slowing down before it can fire
on its opponets (as it will fly off the edge of the table before the
firing phase). This tends to keep speed below the width of the table. If
playing vector rules this increases the penalty of leaving the table.

The only realistic way of doing this is to plot the position of any
ship that leaves the table. Trigonomitry <sp> is NOT what I play
FT for.

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