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Re: cm scale

From: <petto@u...>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 18:03:56
Subject: Re: cm scale

>From MK;

>Me, I would say any ship leaving the table is either
>considered a 'mission kill' for the other side, or may not return to
>playing field for 1d6 turns, 2d6 if this is abused too often. Period.
>know what else we can do to help you here.

	You know, I really like this d6 idea, keeps it nice and simple,
and gives you enough of an incentive not to run off the table edge. 
Perhaps the player can choose to be off the board for an extra few turns
on top of that, and get to choose where it comes
 back on on that table edge?  An attempt to simulate the Captain making
some course adjustments on the way back in.  Or would that unbalance

	We tend to fudge things a bit here and there if a ship is an
inch or two off, but then accuracy is generally not our strong point at
04:00 in the morning......  But I agree that a large board is essential
for escort size ships to come into their own.  Ha
ven't tried CM scale though, must give it a go.

David Petterson
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