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SV: Of Sensors and Needles - Some Questions and Suggestions

From: "Oerjan Ohlson" <oerjan.ohlson@n...>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 00:49:14 +0100
Subject: SV: Of Sensors and Needles - Some Questions and Suggestions

Allan wrote:
[huge snip]

> Basic Sensors and Passive Sensors: successful active scan gets you the
> ship name, the class name, and size grouping. You do NOT know if it is
> a military ship or a merchant.

Um... if you can identify the ship and class names, you probably know
pretty well what armament the ship has :-/


> Needle beams become seriously over priced based on the above argument.
> Either you end up with a lot of onerous bookkeeping or your needle
> beams can't fire until a ship has been scanned. And does the same
> criteria hold true for needle missiles? 

I don'┬Ęt use needle missiles. I refuse to believe that a missile can
powerful enough scanners for such precision targetting...

> Does anyone have any suggestions for handling this anomaly? 
> I've come up with some options to handle this. I'm not 100% in favour
> of any of them, but they cover the options I could think of. Any other
> options, or comments on these, are greatly appreciated.


> 2)  Don't let a needle weapon fire at any system -- including the
> engines -- without the system being scanned. (This makes needle
> weapons more difficult to use. It also has the weird situation of a
> weapon being fired but no needle weapon able to target it because it
> wasn't scanned).

Weird? Not IMO. You know it's there _somewhere_, but do you know exactly
enough to hit it (instead of the crew quarters two meters to the left)?

> 3) Allow a needle weapon to fire at the engines of a ship without
> having to scan them. All other systems must be scanned first.

This is what I do currently.

> 4) Allow ships firing needle weapons (beams and missiles) to see a
> list of systems on a target ship.


> 5) Make all system information available to all ships within 9",

Not if you're using the advanced sensor rules, no.

> 6) Allow a needle weapon to fire at a ship that hasn't been scanned.
> The shot will target a random system. As an option, allow knocked out
> systems to be counted as the possible target system. (Essentially, the
> gun team or missile AI is aiming at gun ports, missile tubes, or just
> prominent bits of the ship.)

Sounds fun. Havent' used it, but it ought to work; it's a bit like the
Starfire Needle beam (although, to make it identical, a needle without
precision target would work as a C battery in FT. I prefer to treat the
Starfire N as a one-point E instead of a one-point F weapon <g>)

> 7) Same as 6, but group systems into three main chunks: weapons
> (including fire cons), engines (including FTL) and other. A needle
> weapon would target one of these chunks, and the system targeted would
> be chosen at random from the systems in that chunk. (Same as 6, but
> the firing player has a bit more control over what he fires at). 

Hm... how can you aim for fire cons etc that are basically internal
electronics? Hitting them accidentally, yes, but aiming for them
> Note that in most cases if a successful scan has been done, allow the
> ship to fire at a scanned system. This may still involve bookkeeping,
> as it's possible for a ship to discover that it's target had -- for
> example -- an A beam but it wouldn't necessarily know that it had been
> taken out on a threshold check.

Well - if you pinpoint a destroyed system with your needle beam, tough

> And finally, do you use the advanced sensor rules? Do you use the
> needle weapons (beams and/or missiles)? If yes to both, do you use
> them both at once? If so, how do YOU handle it?

Yes (sometimes), yes and 3 above.

Oerjan Ohlson

"Life is like a sewer.
What you get out of it, depends on what you put into it."
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