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Re: Infantry Dirtside

From: Seth Hollingsworth <louiseandseth@c...>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 97 00:36:32 GMT
Subject: Re: Infantry Dirtside

on 18 Nov 97, wrote...

>Los wrote:
>> Where do you guys acquire your sci fi minis infantry?
>Games Workshop (Yes, the evil GW) has replaced it's old 6mm Epic Space
>Marine game with a new Epic 40K game (which IMHO is a great game,
>just maybe, even better than DSII in some ways). And new figures.
>Anyway, there are lots of copies of the old game, each with 120 Space
>Marine and another 120 Eldar (and 120 Orks). Basic, but in large
>quantities, with good square bases fitting 5 infantry each. The SMs
>Eldar, with a single snip of the nailclippers) are good heavy- and
>medium- infantry respectively. The Orks... well, sell them to someone.
>And they're relatively cheap too. The eldar vehicles are excellent
>general-purpose Grav Tanks, the SM and Ork vehicles virtually useless,
>except if you're playing Epic. And even then, they're not that great.
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Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK that is selling old copies of
Marine cheaply?  The Works book chain have sold out of print copies of
and Talisman, but they have no idea what may be coming next.


Seth Hollingsworth.

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