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Re: Babylon 5 Wars

From: David Petterson <petto@u...>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 11:19:54 +1100
Subject: Re: Babylon 5 Wars

Hello all,

>From Sam, 

>Just a couple of questions for any B5 Wars players out
	Well, I have yet to play more than one game due to my life
becoming a
hectic whirlwind, studying for finals whilst trying to get a job and
down the one I currently have is getting mighty intersting at this end. 

>Is it possible to not face a hex side while firing? A
>Minbari War Cruiser can only bring all its front weapons
>to bare on a target if that target is neatly lined up
>along a hex row if facings are restricted to hex sides.
>This seems pretty stupid, but I can't find any rules
>which allow lining up on a target. Are there any? Has
>anyone come up with something workable?

	Unfortunately I have no ideas about this, sorry.  As soon as I
get some
time I plan on ditching the hexes period, maybe use something similar to
the fire arcs thing in full thrust or something.  Not sure, 

>Also, has anyone tried ditching the hex system and just
>used some convenient measurement scale? Any problems
>with doing this?

	I wouldn't think so, and from what I can gather the hex maps
they give you
are waaaay to small anyway, the board needs to be bigger.

>Finally, more a background point, but does anyone else
>think that the scales are totally wrong? 150m length for
>a Minbari Cruiser seems out by a factor of about ten, given
>how big they look when compared to B5 itself (8km long).

	Yeah, I think they got the scales out of whack myself,
especially when
they say the Hyperions are longer than the Omegas, BUT a note in their
defence is that if you pay attention to the episodes with the army of
light, the sizes seem to shift and so on, not sure, but I think the
production company for the CGI may have made a few errors themselves. 
themselves have said they got some details incorrect and that they would
updated in future supplements, IIRC.  Considering how they have to keep
sending stuff off to Warner Bros. for 'approval' (which has to add so
time to the production) you'd think this sort of thing would get picked

>I think the game could be more tactically interesting
>than FT - mainly because of the more varied fire arcs
>(an Omega needs to recharge its big front weapons, so
>has to be brought round to give a broadside etc), but
>isn't too suited for big combats. I'll leave judgement
>until I've played a few real games I think.

	Yeah, (he says dragging it vaguely on topic) the game is
slightly more
tactical in that aspect, but then damage seems to be rather nasty, not
sure, and this is going off the one game I have managed to play, but it
seems to me that once you start firing things go to hell, consistent
the show and all.  As for big combats, not sure, I think for it to work
the players have to be experienced at the rules etc. so that you don't
to keep stopping and go "what happens now?".  Sorry for the

	Oh yeah, just a plug for the B5 Wars mailing list btw:

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	That's all folks.

David Petterson

Life is a tragedy to those who feel
A comedy to those who think

	- Denton

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