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Re: Jovian Chronicles GZG Adaptation

From: Stuart Murray <smurray@a...>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 12:28:34 -0500
Subject: Re: Jovian Chronicles GZG Adaptation

>     Dear Anime Fans:
>    Plus StarGrunt II could be used for ground combat or for more
>detailed boarding combat.  I am planning to make modifications for
>fighting in the vacuum environment.

I don't know the anime but I have previously tried sytems fighting both
3d vacuum and in/aroung spaceships in vacuum, boarding actions we used
play a lot.  Depending on your tech levels we ended up either blowing
holes in things to evacuate air (and hopefully crew) or sending in high
tech robotics which were counted as expendable, followed by heavy
troops and then lighter armour, either way the casualty rate is
if you attack a military ship.	Civilian ships are not worth wargaming
they don't offer enough resistance to be fun.  We used to play different
types of boarding actions, either the ship was 'dead in the water' and
waiting to be boarded or, the action was aggressive and quick to capture
active ship.  IMO the best 'terrain' for boarding actions was the EE
Hulk templates (I you can get them chaep from the origional versions
try them, however, I'd be surprised at anyone other than EE weenies (who
probably bought and play the the new version exclusively) who'd want to
part with them.

Combat in vacuum depends again on your tech level, if you routinely use
lasers and caseless/recoiless amunition then you should have no problems
with recoil and or backwards movement on firing, however if you don't
you need to use jet packs to satbilise the firer.  Combat in vacuum is
deadly, there is no such thing as wounded, explosive decompression will
quicly sort that out for you, even a slight nick in the suit would
the trooper as they will be more concerned about survival than fighting.
If you use EVA suits then you ned to consider encumberance, although a
trooper woun't be weighed down by equipment they will be slowed down by
suit, you could try lowering the range bands, penalising sensors, band
shifts down in CC etc.	If you are using EVA power armour then most of
these problems don't crop up as game play is much simpler, although the
challenge of EVA actions is less for the player.

These are just a few rambles, some of which I hope may be useful to you.


Stuart Murray

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