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RE: FT Ship SSD, graphic file formats.

From: Tim Jones <Tim.Jones@S...>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 08:04:53 -0000
Subject: RE: FT Ship SSD, graphic file formats.

On Monday, November 10, 1997 3:04 AM, Christopher Pratt 
[] wrote:
> Could somebody convert these into a commonly readable format on a
> platform and send them to me please

I'd reluctant to do this without a green light from Samuel Reynolds who
the original work.

I can send you my own version but as I said its a vector format file and
just wont produce anything useful for a bitmap program such as PSP 4.11.
really have tried to produce a gif version but lines just drop out all
the place., the only way to get a decent result is to use a stupid
and the resulting file is huge.

The basic fact is that there are two flavours of SSD files,  vector and
raster. For the best results the graphics are designed for that format
programs that manipulate them. Each file has to be designed for the
in which is will be stored to give optimal results.

For Raster/Bitmaps (TIF,GIF,PCX,BMP etc)
Alan Delafield's ssd and symbols

Peter Caron's ssd, symbols, fleet sheet

For Vector (AI, VSS, CGM, Postscript etc)

Samuel Reynolds Adobe Illustrator files ssd, symbols, fleet sheet

Tim's VISIO files, but can be output in other vector formats ssd,
fleet sheet components to roll your own.

email(no web site)

Remember the contents of any file containing graphics from the Full
and More Thrust books is copyright Jon M Tuffley 1996, and you should
have a 
copy of said games to use it.

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