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Re: Re: Bio-Forces

From: Doug_Evans/CSN/UNEBR@U...
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997 07:58:06 -0600
Subject: Re: Re: Bio-Forces

Reality check: sound doesn't travel all that far in space. Or in
atmosphere. We use kinds of technology to translate sounds into other
energy forms to travel well. Don't sell a smell talking bug short on

Even the concept of only simple concepts being available for 'orders'
be stunting your imagination. The chemical messages can be quite
and if I had to use scents as commands for relatively 'dumb'
I can still see a wide variety of messages initiating quite complex
'programs' in the neural centers of the dumb bugs.

Try some other ideas; pheremones(sp?) tend to have a long life compared
sounds, and social insects have to deal with 'layers' of scents and
trails. Ants, to some extent, have a built in written language, and idea
a many layered plot in the story of the scents might suggest different
of thinking compared to our own tendencies towards linearity.

Well, 'nuff ramblings early on a Sunday morn. Hope that made SOME sense.


Samuel Reynolds <> on 11/08/97 07:41:23 AM

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>In a message dated 11/7/97 3:32:33 AM, you wrote:
><<Since both DSII and SGII are games which require counters on the
>why not set up a command & control system for bugs based on
>With this very interesting control system, how would you apply it to
>spacefaring species? Would they be able to coordinate at all?
Chemical sense-pads?
Don't expect their space vessels to maneuver rapidly.
I won't even speculate on how the acquired space travel
(imagination fails me--unless they pulled a "High Crusade"
to take someone else's technology).
- Sam
Samuel Reynolds

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