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Jump Troops for SG2

From: The Caldwells <clcaldwell@p...>
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 21:04:04 -0600
Subject: Jump Troops for SG2

Jump Troops for SG2. . .

OR. . .

Longing for the days when men were real men, women were real women,
small,furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small,furry
from Alpha Centauri, and all space marines had jump packs.

New Rule:  Power armored troops may clear obstacles equivalent to half
their move rate during their move.  Slow PA (move 6") may clear
of 3" height; Fast PA (Move 12") may clear obstacles of up to 6" height.
The height of the obstacle is subtracted from the normal move distance,
a for a slow PA to clear a 6" obstacle he or she must be standing right
next to it.

Examples:  X is the  PA trooper before the move, Y is the position after
the move. 

     |	 |
     |	 3"
X____|	 |

Above the Slow PA trooper is 3" away from a ledge that is 3" high.  The
trooper makes the jump to edge of the ledge and ends his movement.

     |	 |
     |	 3"
X____|	 |

Above the Fast PA trooper is 3" away from a flat-roofed building that is
high.  The trooper makes the jump to edge of the ledge (6" -- 3"
and 3 vertical) and continues to move along the roof for 6".

Designer's Notes: When I first purchased Rogue Trader, all the space
marines had jump packs (remember the 30 for $30 plastic marines). 
I thought, "Just like Starship Troopers!"   When I got into this latest
go-around of new rules for 40K (cost of the new plastic miniatures; also
the name of the game) I was quite disappointed that only the assault
marines had jump packs. "Ewww!" I thought, "Nothing like Starship
Troopers!"  (Interestingly enough, this was also my first reaction to
movie by the same name)

So naturally, when SG2 came out, I wanted Starship Troopers.  This
simulates it pretty well.  So far we have not allowed the jump move for
combat move; we haven't come to an agreement about what happens if you
don't roll high enough to 1) clear the obstacle and end up crashing into
instead and 2) shouldn't the other bloke get a positive modifier to hit
since you're up in the air like that?  It works pretty well with Travel
moves; you don't see those that often, but it's pretty cool to see a
of troopers clear the local skyscraper and just keep going!    

Oh, and if you want to be canon to that other game, allow only the
marines to use this rule and you should be OK.

Comments? Suggestions?

Nick Caldwell

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