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Games played and BDS

From: tmcarth@f... (Tom McCarthy)
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 09:02:35 -0400 (AST)
Subject: Games played and BDS

Jim Bell and I just ran games at Autumn Assault, a small miniatures-only

games day in Ottawa.

In the morning I ran my first public SG2 game.	I modified the rules for
side to give a Kryomek vs. Nexus marine feel to the game.  In order to
the aliens speed and be a threat to the heavy-gunned humans, the
had 3 wounds, leadership that went up each time they were wounded, and a

pool of freely transferable actions.  I also limited them to a strict 
16"/24" command radius.  The Warmasters would begin with D8-1 extra
chits which they could freely give to swarms in command radius.  The
wound reduced this to D6-1, and the second to D4-1.  Each swarm could
act twice; the warmaster could act 3 times maximum.  It proved to be a
balanced battle, though the human players weren't informed/didn't notice

that the units they selected to hold the line were all a) Steady or b)
motivation or c) Leadership 3.	One was all 3, I believe, and was
to lead the assault :-o.

Jim Bell's game was B5 FT game trying to get a variety of weapons closer
B5W.  It was an assault by Centauris on a Narn convoy/assault group. 
Centauri were to attack the troop carriers and disengage, since the Narn

outmassed them 2:1.  The Centauri were successful, but at the loss of a 
supership and three light cruisers.

On the whole, it was a great day.  I was pleasantly surprised at the
of players I got who actually were familiar with SG2.  

Tom + Dana McCarthy

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