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Re: Ordering questions

From: Not giving up on implausible dreams - experience to extremes <KOCHTE@s...>
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 12:41:49 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Ordering questions

>Phil, thinking he'll have to get his sons into DS2/SG2 before they fall
under the
>thrall of the Evil Empire!

Ya know, it's funny you mention that. I was *just* talking with a friend
mine earlier this morning whose husband and son (6 yr old) have just
discovered the Evil Empire game, and have both become utterly enthralled
it. Jamie has become utterly addicted to it, apparently because "it has
neat pictures in the rulesbook." Frank I thought would have more
having played a number of other, higher-quality games. But alas...

   o/		      ..     .
  /@		       .  .	      If you insist on reaching for a
  <|\			  .  )	      star, be prepared to take a long,
   |		     /\ 	      hard fall.
   |		    //
   /		 o //*		      Indy - climber, astronomer,
  /		<%- /|\ 	      supreme. Have rope, will travel.
 /		/\ / | \

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