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Starfleet Wars/FT Web Page

From: "Dean Gundberg" <dean.gundberg@b...>
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 97 11:38:00 -0600
Subject: Starfleet Wars/FT Web Page

 I am pleased to announce a web page dedicated to the conversion of 
 Starfleet Wars miniatures to Full Thrust stats.  You are all invited to

 stop by and take a look around.  Comments are welcome.
 Starfleet Wars from was my introduction to starship combat games back
 the late 1970's.  I really enjoyed the background and the miniatures
 could not afford the miniatures back then.  Thanks to Game Masters, the

 miniatures are available once again.  Full Thrust is a much better set
 rules than the old Starfleet Wars rules so the page has FT stats for 
 almost all the minis with the rest on the way.  Matthew Seidl did the
 development and collaborated on the final designs.  There are rules 
 modifications to fit the Starfleet Wars universe and I think we came up

 with some fun variations (check out the Aquarians and how their cloak 
 works along with their special beam battery rules for example).
 The Starfleet Wars universe is the setting of my first PBeM game, Deneb

 Clash, and in a couple weeks, I will return with Vanguard Cruise.  I 
 should be sending out a call for players in a couple weeks, please wait

 until then to respond.
 This is the first page set up by the 'M Collective', a group composed
 myself (Dean Gundberg), Jim Bell, Mike Miserendino, and Matt Seidl who
 in common FT and a desire for more miniatures.  We plan to bring to the
 Thrust gaming community a number of interesting web pages and services.
 Next up is a web page for the 'Space Dreadnought 3000' line of starship

 miniatures from Pendraken Figures, a small company in the UK who has
 6 fleets of miniature ships from fighters to massive base ships.  We
 scanning the final pictures now and should have everything up soon. 
 the M Collective does next, you will have to wait and see ;-)

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