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Re: Bio-Forces -- Was: SG2/DS2 help wanted...

From: jon@g... (Ground Zero Games)
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 09:22:49 +0000
Subject: Re: Bio-Forces -- Was: SG2/DS2 help wanted...

>Jon, I'm not asking for details, I'll wait for BDS for that, but what
>philosophy does the Sa'Vasku use for Ground Forces. One of the above or
>something that I have not thought of?
>Other DS2 players please comment also.

I've still got a lot of work to do and ideas to sort out for S'V ground
forces (and space ones for that matter), but one idea that we had (that
or may not get used) is this:

All S'V units (space and ground) are bio-constructs; humanity may never
to see a real Sa'Vasku, and in fact they may never even leave their
homeworld (maybe they can't? Maybe there is really only ONE
The bio-constructs are loosely divided into Volitionals [V] (sentient in
their own right) and non-volitionals [NV] (machine/animals) [Some ideas
nicked from W.J. Williams' "Angel Station"].
A S'V starship is a large NV, "crewed" by Vs - or maybe the other way
S'V ground forces are similar in that an "APC" is a single NV
"creature/machine", directed by a V "commander"; it's "troops" (I'm
human analogues here) are smaller NVs held in a dormant state inside the
"APC", which can be awakened and deployed when necessary. The NV
fight like automated drones, probably not very tactically but with
ferocity and lack of morale worries to balance this, until they exhaust
their limited energy supplies; at this point they will become comatose
and/or "die", and their raw biomass may be re-absorbed into the APC
(probably by it driving over them and "eating" them...) for regeneration
more "troops" when needed.

These are just some rough ramblings, and certainly haven't been refined
into gameable rules yet, but other opinions and ideas are welcome.

Jon (GZG)

>Brian Bell
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>"BDS will (PROVISIONALLY - all this is subject to change) contain rules
>Alien races in both games (our "own" Kra'Vak and Sa'vasku, plus
>some other "generic" alien race ideas), a selection of scenarios and
>TO&Es for both games, and some new and amended rules."
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