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Fun with Firecon

From: BJCantwell@a...
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 18:33:24 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Fun with Firecon

In the post on pulse torps I mentioned our torpedo fire control and
I'd mention the things we have done to add spice to the old fire
control.  We
have a number of special control systems.  An aegis fire control adds +1
all ADAF rolls and otherwise may be used only to activate C-batts for
defense mode.  The dedicated torp control adds +1 to torpedo to hit
rolls but
may only fire those weapons and those weapons may only be fired by the
dedicated firecon.  Both of these systems are +5 points over standard
firecon.  Fighter launch rates are now tied to a specific control, the
control.  These are the same cost as firecons.	Any ship may launch one
fighter per turn plus one additional fighter per launch control.  A
recovery rate is half its launch rate (round up).  However, the standard
firecon remains popular due to our card based firing order.  Each ship
one card in the deck and fires when its card is turned up.  In its
orders, a
ship may dedicate a standard firecon to target tracking and each such
gives that ship an extra card in the deck.  If a ship has more than one
it may choose to act on one of its cards when it is turned up or wait
for a
later card.  Each ship fires only once a turn.

We've had fun with these rules, especially the card based firing
 It's tough sometimes to know if you'll need that extra card to have a
chance to fire before you get waxed or if you want to save the firecon
multiple targets.  



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