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Re: Full Tilt?

From: Todd Wikel <rogue@c...>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 15:24:58 -0600
Subject: Re: Full Tilt?

Aaron P Teske wrote:

> Excerpts from FT: 30-Oct-97 Re: Full Tilt? by "Mark A. Siefert"@csd.uw
> >	    I've also heard that the somewhat Evil Empire (it's not
> totally evil
> > because I do like Epic 40K) is finnally considering rereleasing the
> > Space Fleet minis and a new version of Battlefleet Gothic.	Well,
> we'll
> > see.
> We'll also see if they actually end up releasing the (old) Space Fleet
> minis.  I do have it on good authority that they're finally doing
> fighter rules -- ~3mm Thunderbolts have already been produced -- but
> my
> source already said that GW was using 'in-house, scratch-built things
> for playtesting'.  I'd *really* like to know what happened to the old
> models... and I *really* hope GW doesn't "modernize" it's fleet the
> way
> it's tried to "modernize" the Warlord Titan.	(Battletech, anyone?)
> *When* is, however, still unknown.
>		      Aaron Teske

Well to GW modernize means more money. And seeing the outragious price
increases in the States recently, you can bet that what they'll do.  One
day, maybe, GW will learn to support a system and not constantly rewrite
and reminuturize.  These guys don't have a clue.  Hard to beleive that
GZG and GW are in the same country.  They have totally different veiws
on how they handle support and customers.  I was a loyal GW fan many
years ago, but with there lack of support for there systems, I quit
wasting my money.  My hat off to GZG for there system that allows other
minature to be used, not to mention a very competeivaly price line of
products.  With this system, I see GW with another dead end system
doomed to be discontinued in 6 months to a year.

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