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FT3: Common to-hit system

From: Brian Bell <PDGA6560@c...>
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 22:33:26 -0500
Subject: FT3: Common to-hit system

While I love FT2's simplicity, I would like to see a common system to
determine if a shot hits in FT3. This would provide a common method of
armor, screens, and/or ECM to effect a shot against a target. There are
three ways of doing this:

1) Common damage reduction: This method states that you remove x number
points from the damage inflicted. For this to work, weapons would need
cause more damage. This may also cause ship points to be increased to
offset the greater damage.

2) Roll to hit then roll for damage. This makes it easy to reduce the
chance to hit, but makes you roll twice for every hit (and once for

3) FMA. This method changes die type depending on condition. ECM,
and armor would be combined into a common defensive value. Compair the
to the defensive value. If higher, you hit and do damage. Damage could
equal to the roll, or have a 2nd roll. The major disadvantage to this
method is complication due to different type of dice. It also requires
asking what the defensive value of the opponet is (FT2 does that now
level of screen).

Each of these methods would also offer the chance to increase the
of weapons.

Comments Encouraged.

Brian Bell

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