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Re: B5 Wars Distribution Problems

From: "Mike Wikan" <mww@n...>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 13:28:46 +0000
Subject: Re: B5 Wars Distribution Problems

It's not that bad at all, actually. One thing I REALLY like about B5 
Wars is that it gives a ship a more complex feeling. It's not 
anywhere near as bad as SFB as far as record keeping and I like the 
individual feel of the toughness of separate systems on a ship and 
the ability to play really tactically with small numbers of ships. A 
fleet battle system, it's not. But we've done 10 capital ships plus 
6-8 fighter groups in a few hours. As opposed to the SFB 6-10 hour 

> > From what I'm reading on the SF Conflict Sim list, it's looking like
> > number of people are no longer so cheery about B5W. I'm hearing
> > like 10 minutes to resolve the gunfire of one ship on one turn.
> > Give me FT anyday!
>    Personally I'm waiting for the B5 rules that will appear in the
> supplement to the B5 role playing game.  I hope that it will provide
> all the setting that B5 has to offer with the playability of Full
> I will buy the miniatures that go along with the B5 Wars game,
> the Narn and Centauri ones.
> Enjoy,
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