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RE: SG II - Combat Walkers

From: "Deakin, Robert" <RDeakin@c...>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 16:08:50 +1000
Subject: RE: SG II - Combat Walkers

Most of the Heavy Gear walkers have rocket blisters packs. I assume the
same rules as PA would apply. 

An ECM system on a small walker could also be interesting. Maybe you
could convert one of my models into a ECM/Prowler style unit run around
a disrupt all those commands being handed down.

What about the swords these guys have?

BTW -Owen! What about smoke dispensers????

>From:	Glover, Owen[]
>Sent:	Thursday, 23 October 1997 14:16
>To:	''
>Subject:	SG II - Combat Walkers
>	I have recently come into possession of some of the Heavy Gear
>Hunters and thought they would make very suitable Size 1 Combat Walkers
>in SG II. The way they are configured it seems easy to arm them with
>RFAC/1 or 2, a MLP and perhaps an Anti-Pers Close Defence System.
>Class 1 (d12). Size 1.
>	My real question is how to use them in a close assault
>situation. I propose that they cause a test for Terror Effects if they
>commence a close assault. 
>	For determining odds I propose to leave it at 1:1 ie the Combat
>Walker counts as a Unit vs the Infantry Squad as a Unit.
>	If PA have a 2xQuality Dice in the combat then perhaps the
>Combat Walkers would go for a 4xQuality Dice?
>	For practicallity I would propose that the Combat Walker would
>engage only 4 infantry in a round, similarly a squad of infantry close
>assaulting a Combat Walker would only have 4 infantry to engage it in
>one round.
>That's enough for starters. All contributions gratefully received.

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