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Re: Other Kra'Vak Tech

From: John Leary <realjtl@s...>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 16:06:46 -0700
Subject: Re: Other Kra'Vak Tech

Brian Bell wrote:
> As written, the Kra'Vak seem to have the old Klingon enginering
> (brute force over stealth, subtlety, or subterfuge). Thus, my
>   Do the Kra'Vak have or use:
>	  Enhanced/Superior Sensors
>	  ECM
>	  Cloak

The Use of Sensors By Aliens in Full Thrust

   How I currently view sensors:

Standard: range  60"  (Civilian ships do not have passive sensors.)
Enhanced: range 120"
Superior: range 240"
eXtended: range 480" (one of my alien races)

Stealth: cost = two times mass. (May be reduced to one times mass
		by design considerations) reduces sensor range
		by fifty percent.
The Kra'Vak:   the Kra'Vak use standard sensors at the present
	       time.   The railguns are larger, better directed
	       (tighter pattern) scatterguns.  The Kra'Vak do
	       not have a need or desire to develop higher
class		     sensors. (They are REALLY mean?)

Humanity:      Retaining the edge in sensor development
	       (Superior) we find the NAC, FCT (Free Cal-Tex),
	       and the NSL.   Enhanced sensors are used by FSE,
	       and Dutch.   The remainimg powers use standard
	       active and passive arrays:  ESU, IF, LLAR, AND RH.
	       (NOTE: any power not mentioned should be
	       considered for inclusion based upon the current
	       political situation.)

Sha'vasku:     They do their thing, however they do it.

Cthar:	       Have built in limitations on range, 
	       Presumably the short range (25") equals standard
	       medium range (50") is enhanced, and long (75") 
	       is superior.

Sensor Suggestions: the Enhanced and Superior grade sensors
		    have a plus one modifier on sensor
		    information gathering and give a plus one
		    to PDAF, ADAF, and 'C' beams used in the 
		    anti-fighter and anti-missile mode.
		    (the X-sensors are plus two.)

By for now,

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