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Re: Other Kra'Vak Tech

From: John Leary <realjtl@s...>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 16:00:45 -0700
Subject: Re: Other Kra'Vak Tech

Brian Bell wrote:
> As written, the Kra'Vak seem to have the old Klingon enginering
> (brute force over stealth, subtlety, or subterfuge). Thus, my
>   Do the Kra'Vak have or use:
>	  Enhanced/Superior Sensors
>	  ECM
>	  Cloak

TWIMC, (To whom it may cancern.)

In response to the use of technology by Aliens.

The Cloak:
     The cloak is not an outgrowth of the 'STAR TREK' Romulan
cloaking device.   The Romulan device allows the user to see
out of the cloak and adjust his plans based upon the ememy 
     My vision of the 'Cloak' in 'FT' is not based on the screen,
it is based upon the Star Drive.   At this point I will digress
to explain how I view Space.   Space exists on (at Least) three
1) Realspace  - Where we exist and have battles.
2) Hyperspace - What we travel thru to reach other star systems.
3) Subspace   - The flip side of Hyperspace, a region of space not
		useful for star travel due to the distance/time
		functions being to close to Realspace. 
With the above as the basis, one can see that the 'FT' Cloak is
a failed effort to develop a star drive and not related to the
Screen at all.	 (Subspace/Submarine, same thing.)

Change of subject:
Speaking of 'PSB', I happen to feel the same way about the 'Reflex
Shield'.   (I realize it is a game device derived from a cartoon.)
For the Reflex Shield to work (presuming it works), it must capture
the incoming energy beam while retaining all of the energy (This is
a really good trick), redirect the beam back to the firing ship
(Firing solution please?), while ignoring any screens the firing
ship has up! (A use for subspace perhaps!)   This return shot
NEVER misses. (Perhaps if we datalink five ships for the computing
power, or better yet, call the local Astrology hotline for the 

I guess this has done some good, it creates a question not asked
before in the history of mankind.  What do you call a group of 'PSB'?
(No, PSBs is not the correct answer.   I was thinking (No comment
Please) more along the line of...  a herd of cattle, a flock of
geese, a fair of dragons (As a player I have always considered
A (one, singular, 1 Each) dragon very excessively extremely 
UNFAIR if not deadly in most cases.  But that is a different game.)

This generates another question.  Will it be necessary in the future
to identify minor humor from the rest of the text?

By for now/ TTFN

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