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Re: Low Tech forces in DSII/SGII

From: Rob Paul <rpaul@w...>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 13:30:56 +0000
Subject: Re: Low Tech forces in DSII/SGII

Status: RO

A classic novel of this situation is Poul Anderson's "The High Crusade",
sort of dead-pan comedy (DON'T watch the film version, it's really
The Pournelle "Janissaries" situation, as has been mentioned, also gives
rationale for high tech versus low, as does "War of the Wing-men",
old Anderson title (although I seem to remember that he suffers a lot
trans-oceanic title changes, so non-UK members may know these books
different titles).  I can see a situation where a ruling group with high
tech weapons have to stay their hands due to ammo/spares restrictions,
giving the low-techs a better chance; or they're acting as police and
permitted to just blaze away at a crowd to get a single sniper.  Perhaps
other side has secret help (Special Circumstances on the job?  Perhaps
behaving "in a way indistinguishable from magic").

Most players enjoy a bit of unfamiliar territory now and then, as long
they don't find the rug pulled out from under them too often.

Rob Paul

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